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Real Time Data Collection in Sewing Floor

The crucial sewing production data is the backbone of line balancing, but calculating data on a sewing floor is an arduous task. Traditional manual job ticket or recording systems cannot produce critical production-related data on time. Manual data collection is also laborious and error prone. A Real Time Data Collection System is a mechanism for complete control of the apparel manufacturing unit. It operates on the basis of putting the emphasis of all information collection systems where it matters, at the needlepoint, Team StitchWorld makes a study.



Advantages of Real Time Data Collection System


It enables single entry point for WIP and piecework payroll through shop floor data capture, that facilitates on-screen enquiries like WIP summary, lagging bundles, etc. It also generates management reports on cut exceptions, attended minutes, down time, SMS, on and off standard, earned pay, off standard pay, overtime premium WIP in/ through operation, WIP in/through department, on-screen graphs of work in progress, in fact, virtually a complete transaction audit trail. By collecting critical performance data directly from the operator, data is transformed into information in real-time, allowing management to optimize manufacturing operations and improve overall throughput.

Any real time system will ensure the following:


  • Gains in operational efficiency, overall productivity and profitability due to the newly achieved process transparency, which helps in identifying the bottlenecks and defects in the existing system. This further helps the 
    management in devising effective error-control mechanisms.
  • Improvement in each operator and sewing lines morale as when the piecework is calculated timely and accurately, the payroll and incentives would also be 100% error free, in turn motivating the workers.
  • Access to daily, weekly, year to date, performance reporting and detailed ‘excess’ cost reporting by: off standard code, line, department, shift and supervisor (section), and individual employee.
  • Online WIP Tracking, which provides management with real time work-in-process tracking and reporting without the expense of a real time system, and the ability to process cuts through the factory at optimal efficiency while achieving the lowest possible cost.
  • Production Planning tools to manage an apparel manufacturing facility effectively and maximize the plant’s capacity utilization, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Access to current and historical time and attendance data by Reason; Employee and Supervisor.
  • The ability to work in batch or real time whether it’s piecework, modular or both at the same time.



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