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Tech Survey

Machinery and Equipments form a very integral part of technical infrastructure that influences production of any manufacturer. For uninterrupted performance we need to judiciously select and maintain these machines. In accordance with the issues discussed under the TechBytes segment, StitchWorld conducted a survey among industry informed members to gain insights into their experiences and observations while dealing with dealers and manufacturers of high-end technology. With everyone moving towards advanced technologies and machines, there is requirement of a strong yet flexible support system for sustaining these solutions and helping the manufacturers in reaping maximum benefits.

  • A total of 75% of people feel that the presence of offices of machine manufacturers in different cities has improved the service level of agents.
  • Only 24% of the respondents claim that the technical expertise available with the local agents is satisfactory in solving problems of automated machines, as automated workstations with high-tech features are prone to breakdown and since expertise is not available with local agents, the mechanic needs to be flown from abroad, causing losses in forms of time and money.
  • 77% respondents have witnessed a significant reduction in manpower and skill requirements of a particular operation subsequent to adapting various deskilling solutions and technologies. However, this does not mean that the wages of the operators working on these high-end machines would be lesser than that earned by highly-skilled operators working on an ordinary machine, as mentioned by nearly all of the respondents.
  • The training given to operators and in-house maintenance people for smooth functioning of the machine is not adequate as mentioned by 77% of the respondents. This is an essential aspect which should be fulfilled on the part of machine manufacturers and suppliers as at the end of the day it is the sewing operator who would be handling the machine not the manufacturer.


  • Although no scientific proof exists, majority of respondents also felt that German and Japanese machines are far more superior to their Chinese counterpart in terms of durability and performance. German machines are robust and require less maintenance than Chinese machines. Hence down time is less. Some respondents also felt that Chinese machines have less speed and sewing finish is also inferior.
  • Only 23% of the respondents feel that the new high-end technologies and machineries lack the flexibility to be absorbed into their existing systems and processes.




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