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Tribute To Steve Jobs



“Design is not just how it looks like. It is how it works,” famously quoted Steve Jobs, an innovator who was an unmatched inspiration in the tech world, and the very reason why in a challenging economy of today when more and more customers and retailers are turning to the internet to shop, Apple proved that brick-and-mortar stores are still an attractive way to shop… Steve was revered by the retail industry and many credit him for the evolving retail landscape with technology at its root.

The introduction of the concept of ‘application’ by Steve in recent years, have changed the way people shop, with apps making shopping on mobile devices slick and easy for consumers, and shoppers across the world have embraced them wholeheartedly. Top retailers throughout the US and UK, today have some form of mobile apps or mobile commerce present in their business structure, only to bring profits and increase their sales at a large scale. “By creating products that people did not know they needed, including the iPhone and the iPad, he inadvertently changed the way companies sell products and the ways that people purchase them. Growth in the e-commerce segment has increased as a result of the mobile applications that the iPhone an iPad have helped popularize,” said Kevin Culbert analyst at IBISWorld, an American research company. In the past one month, Asos, Nike and New Look have launched iPhone apps to promote and to bolster their growth, joining already big names such as JCPennny, Zara, Macy’s, Amazon, Target and Walmart, who are all now in mourning, with many companies expressing deep gratitude for Jobs’ ingenuity and innovation.

  Bringing about an even bigger change in the retail landscape, international retailers have    adopted Apple’s payment model, doing away with checkout lines, allowing shoppers to go    directly to sales representatives who e-mail receipts directly to the customer.  Staff members on  the shop floor of Burberry, Crew Clothing and Aurora Fashions have iPad’s which works more like a consumer friendly device to allow staff to take customer orders. As reported Crew Clothing has witnessed fantastic sales uplift as a result of being able to offer its entire online range to customers in even its smallest store using iPads.‘Steve Jobs’ the Fashion Icon…A commodity of clothing that witnessed a dramatic upsurge in sales since the death of Steve is ‘mock turtlenecks’. Recognized as a standard uniform for Steve over a decade – a pair of blue jeans with a black mock turtleneck sweater, the man has himself impact his loyal customers so personally that these sweaters are suddenly flying off the shelves.St. Croix, the company from which Jobs purchased his sweaters reported that they’d experienced a sudden extreme surge in sales after Jobs’ death. The sweater’s sales rate jumped “almost 100%” the day after Jobs’ death, says the company. Apple fans all over the world are lining up to adorn this commodity pouring their love for Steve and fashion.




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